Hello all…..Welcome to your class’s wikispace!

I am sure that you are familiar with Wikipedia, an online source that provides information to be shared world wide. An easy and great way to obtain information isn’t it. The aim of this task is for you to be involved in the making of such a tool for literature and at the same time provide more help and exercise for you to be more prepared for your final exam.

If you are not familiar with wikispace, do not worry because it is easy to use. Let us look at the functions available:

This wikispace will be divided into pages. Each page has its own name. These pages function just like a regular blog or a Microsoft word document where you can write endless stuff, insert pictures, tables, hyperlinks, files etc.

There is also a discussion tab on each page where you can have forums and discuss with your friends.

The history tab list all the editing that have been done complete with the names of those who did it. Therefore if you ever mistakenly erase something, you can always get it back by reverting to the previous edition of your page. Plus, I will also able to keep track of who did what and when. So go ahead and explore the functions available in this wikispace to get the hang of it.

1st STEP
What do you need to do now?
After you have registered using your first name as a username, you need to upload a picture of yourself so that we can see who is ‘talking’ .

1. This is a group assignment.

2. A group of you will be working on each text but the number of students in a group differ according to the text. Novel and play is longer. Thus requires more people to work on. While short stories and poems are shorter which requires less task force. (Refer to the table on each page to determine the number of people who will be working on a particular text)

3. You need to pick ONE (1) text listed on your left hand side to work on. These are the texts that you have studied in class. ONLY CHOOSE ONE (1) TEXT OUT OF THE EIGHT TEXT LISTED ON YOUR LEFT HAND SIDE.

4. After you have chosen the text, fill in the table provided on each page with the names of your group members and leaders. Since you are degree students, I believe that all of you can manage yourself into groups PEACEFULLY.

5. Once you are settled into groups, what do you need to do? Well, as mentioned above. You need to come up with an online source for the text that you have chosen. You need to fill your pages with information regarding the text. For example, the background of the author and text, the analysis, the literary devices used in the texts (metaphor, simile, refrain, irony etc.) and your own dramatization of the text or a parody of the text. Go ahead, be creative. Remember that your aim is to help other readers to understand the text better.

6.You also need to design the pages so that it will be reader friendly. Meaning that it is easy and enjoyable to read your pages. DO NOT copy paste information from other sites. You can refer to them but when you put it on your pages, make sure you use your own words or write according to your interpretation.

7. In case you feel that you need more pages, feel free to contact me through the discussion tab and I will create more pages for you. You are not restricted to one page per group.

8. If there is anything you would like to ask or confirm, please do ask via the discussion tab as well.

9. This assignment will help you in preparing you for your exam as you are studying each text and can read about other texts that your friends have prepared.

10. Good Luck!